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We are delighted to be able to host our bespoke retreats in 2 locations in the Ionian part of Greece: Corfu & Paxos. 


Both islands have their own unique history and each recognized for its own atmosphere & individuality.  Corfu, the largest of the Ionian islands, is not only diverse in its geography but infused with a history that can be found in the local architecture as well as the way of life. 


The neighbouring island of Paxos, accessed only via boat,  is now seen as a new exclusive destination in the Mediterranean….barefoot luxury at its best.  Paxos is known for its stunning beaches,  translucent turquoise waters, quaint little villages, and a feeling you have gone off the beaten track.


Corfu, cradled in history of Venetian, French and British influences, is the largest island of the Ionian Islands.  As illustrated in Gerald Durrell’s  My Family and Other Animals, Corfu is surrounded by incredible nature and diverse surroundings. 

The capital city of Kerkyra, also known as Corfu Town, is steeped in sophisticated history, with a tapestry of cultural influences, from the Venetians, French & British as well a dose of the Austrian empire.  Interweaving through the city are a myriad of pedestrianised streets selling anything from local Corfiot produce, your typical tourist trinkets and some high fashion boutiques.  Savour some Corfu delights whilst sipping hot frothy coffee on the Liston promenade,  a place that is central to Corfu life.  We will be heading into Corfu Town towards the end of our retreat to experience this vibrant town


Nestled amongst the cyprus and olive trees in the hills of Corfu, The Rou Estate is a haven away from the usual tourist destinations, surrounded by views that are not only breathtaking but have the ability to lift your soul.  The 18 traditional houses within this hamlet, all interweave amongst the various landscaped paths, each has their own unique flavour. 


Within this peaceful and private Estate, in the North East part or Corfu, are three luxury villas: Mimosa, Acacia & Jacaranda. Each house has a different look- bohemian, traditional and contemporary, within beautifully landscaped gardens and with individual pools.  Only a stone’s throw away from the sandy Kalamaki beach, The Kardaki Estate is also within easy access to local villages.


In Greek mythology, legend has it that Paxos was created when one of the 12 Olympian Gods, Poseidon struck his trident on the tip of Corfu.  His powerful strike onto the sea bed,  caused the tip of Corfu to dislodge and break away.  Poseidon had a reason for his fury! To create a hidden destination for his mistress Amphytrite, away from the volatility at Mount Olympus.  He created a haven that to this day is second to none. 


With stunning bays, secluded coves, tranquil countryside and some of the most clear turquiose blue water in Greece, Poseidon understood how to create a discrete haven.  A little gem within the Western part of Greece, Paxos is the smallest of the Ionian islands, carpeted by olive trees and wild flowers, the smell of herbs wafting through the air, the buzz of nature all around.  The energy and the pace of life is that of bygone years.  Quaint little villages are dotted along the island, warm hospitality found everywhere all resonating through the undulating soft countryside.


Kipos Beach House, is found in one of the prime coastal positions along the East Coast of Paxos.  Sitting directly above Kipos Beach, the house sits on its own bay encircled by Cyprus and olive trees. 


Comprising of 6 bedrooms*, ample terraces and private areas to sit and relax.  There are 30 steps from the main house to the most pristine beach on the island.  The yoga platform, surrounded by Sabina trees, is perched directly above the beach with immaculate views onto the sea and over the valley.  The large pool has a large terrace with comfortable sun loungers.  When the evening kicks in, sit back and experience star gazing

*(please note not all are ensuite)


Kirsty Raper, Richmond

I adored every minute of my yoga retreat last summer.  Arriving with a bad back and completely hopeless at yoga, I left a different person! Through encouragement and great individual instruction I learnt how to use breathing to take my yoga to a level I'd never achieved before. By the end of the week I could even touch my toes, which as an obsessive runner (with super tight hamstrings) was quite an achievement!


The care and attention Claire and her team showed us was wonderful. In the most beautiful of settings we awoke every day to fresh juices and a session of invigorating yoga which set us up for blissful days consisting of delicious meals, swims in the turquoise sea, trips around the island by boat and powerful restorative yoga as the sun set. We had to be pushed back onto the plane home! When can I come back?! 

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